Fashion tips for the gym

It is not always a lack of willpower that keeps us away from the gym. Not infrequently there is a feeling of unease. For anyone who submits weightloss intentions, usually has good reason for it and see them in close sportswear from everything else as well.

Who likes shows up sweating and puffing when you have to make it even those problem areas to show that you actually would like to get rid of love? But with the right choice of sportswear can themselves become the Körperschmeichler and help to make the complexes in the locker room.

What we want is clothing that conceals our problem areas sent, but does not prevent us to train seriously, the one that can freely breathe and move comfortably. That should be able to provide appropriate sportswear. A T-shirt and sweatpants can, but if we are honest, they are meant to be used for gardening.

The gym is a public place. Why should we give our fashion there claims on the front door? Apart from the actual cut of the clothes the right fabric is crucial. He must be able to absorb sweat and sit relatively loose, so we do not look like a brawn. Synthetic materials therefore are better than cotton. Because cotton beutelt quickly and then we see from shapeless than we actually are.

A shirt with V-neck draws the eye to the bust instead of the little tight hips. If such a shirt also has front seams running, the body is visually narrower.