The jogging suit as casual wear – casual and comfortable

Jogging suits are usually two-piece sports suits with long arms and legs that are worn during athletic training, especially while jogging. A special meaning to them comes during the warm-up phase. Because of their casual section and the flexibility of the materials include jogging suits the most popular types of casual wear. Jogging suits are usually made of two parts, rarely of three or more.

Typical are long pants and a long-sleeved top, both parts being the athlete leave much freedom of movement without bulk excessively. Finally, the athletes will benefit from jogging. In contrast to the tracksuit top of the Jogginganzuges is like cutting a sweatshirt and is not closed like a jacket with a zip.


As materials for the jogging come pure cotton, cotton-polyester blends, but also micro-fibers or fleece are used. In the selection of athletes respects in summer amplified to a low weight of the clothing as well as their breathability, in winter, the fabric should primarily fulfill a warming function. Rarely the material Elasthananteile are attached. If this is the case, these fibers are the stability of the fabric and its elasticity. When choosing it is important for the athlete to not only a perfect fit of Jogginganzuges, also is a good skin climate and a sense of comfort will be taught.

Jogging suits for leisure

Both, however, he would not have missed not only in sports but also in leisure. Therefore, the tracksuit is still one of this country the most popular types of comfortable leisure wear. And has been for several decades already. Nevertheless, the applications of the Jogginganzuges have changed in the leisure sector. One could almost argue that a jogging suit is polarized.

While he was in the 90s for the typical fad that was not lacking in any streets and even in discotheques, the jogging suit more true today for the purpose of street clothing frowned upon. Exceptions are some scene groups. In your own home but he is popular with many people. No wonder, because the jogging suit convinces not only by its practical use, and its design can be very appealing.